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Project Management

The primary objective of this Work Package is to run the project professionally and smoothly through a committed and experienced project bureau, run by the Lead Partner. This will consist of a project manager, a financial manager, a first and a second advisor. The bureau runs the day to day coordination. The project manager and the financial manager are staff members of the coordinator, Calafell.

Second objective of Work Package 1 is to ensure democratic decision processes in the running of the project through a strong Steering Committee where all partners (co-organisers) are equally represented, preferably with their Directors.

Activities and Products

A product for OpenArch is a tangible result of an effort (in time or money) to fulfill any of the goals set in the Work Plans. They are realised in connection with the project activities.

Preparing the final report

With almost all activities and products already done at this stage, it is time to work on the submission for the final report. Partners have been submitting their reporting information implemented in the last months to the operational managers and coordination is crucial.

Museums and their local area

It has always been important to see the local region in the museum and the museum in the local region. With that we mean: museums refer to nearby hotels, shops and restaurants so their visitors will find their way and ...

Closing Meeting in Calafell

The last joint activity with the OpenArch partners happened in Calafell (6-9 October) during the closing meeting of the project.

Project coordination: the partners' Steering Committee in Wales

The latest big event of OpenArch happened at St Fagans – National Museum Wales and one of the activities for the delegates was a site visit to the Big Pit Museum where we could learn about the story of miners in South Wales. In one of the museum rooms, it took place the project’s SCM with partners’ delegates.

Preparing the next Steering Committee meeting

Three weeks before the next OpenArch Steering Committee meeting with project partners takes place in the framework of the 8th OpenArch conference to be held in Wales, organised by Amgueddfa Cymru - St Fagans National History

Management Team meeting in Barcelona

The Management Team of OpenArch met in person for the first time this year in the district of Gràcia, in the city of Barcelona. For around four hours, the MT tackled several issues as foreseen in the agenda prepared by the lead partner.

VIII OpenArch Steering Committee meeting (Viminacium, RS)

The Green Room inside the marvelous Bibliotheca of Viminacium was a nice venue to hold the last Steering Committee meeting in person with OpenArch partners of 2014.

VII OpenArch Steering Committee Meeting (Kierikkikeskus, Finland)

The OpenArch Steering Committee met again in person in the framework of the 6th conference of the project lifetime, held in the Kierikki Stone Age Centre, in Yli-Li (Finland)from 11 to 14 June.

MT meeting in Barcelona: between the Interim Report and the next conference

In the beginning of the year, the OpenArch Management Team took the decision to arrange a meeting in the capital of Catalonia in a date between the shipment of the 2nd Interim Report to the Agency and the next OpenArch conference to be held in Kierikki (Finland).

Interim Report coordination meeting

OpenArch partners are already working to report the activities done since the start of the project back in 2011 in order to submit the second interim report to the Agency in Brussels.

Winter MT meeting in Calafell

The third year of OpenArch is about to conclude and the new Operational Managers (Joan and Bérenger) have already started working in the project with a revision of the work carried out by the partnership so far.

VI OpenArch Steering Commitee Meeting (Albersdorf, Germany)

After two days of activities focused on stone working at the Bürgerhaus (lectures) and at the Stone Age Park Dithmarschen (practise), the OpenArch conference of Albersdorf started the last day of its program with the Steering Committee meeting with all project partners delegates gathered at the Bürgerhaus...

Management Team summer meeting in Barcelona

After the Archeon conferences late April, the OpenArch Management Team agreed to met up again in Barcelona with the aim to discuss some of the important current issues regarding the Project and especially with a view to the next conference to be held in Albersdorf in September.

V OpenArch Steering Committee (Archeon, Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands)

A reconstruction of a Roman house was the scene of the Steering Committee in Archeon which meant the closing activity of this 5th OpenArch conference. Being this the halfway point of OpenArch project life, the coordinator took advantage to review what has been achieved so far...

Management Team meets in Stavanger, NO

The Rogaland County Council building in the city of Stavanger, in the south west of Norway, was the place where the OpenArch Management Team has had the first meeting in person of 2013 with the next project conference (Archeon, NL 22-26 April) on the horizon.

IV OpenArch Steering Committee meeting (Fotevikens Museum, Höllviken, Sweden)

The 4th Steering Committee Meeting took place at Fotevikens Museum (SE) in September 26, 2012. The previous SC meeting minutes (Modena, April 2012) were approved. Workplans status were presented by coordinators to check the progress made...

Preparing the Interim Report 2012 (II): MT meeting in Barcelona

The Management Team of OpenArch has met in Barcelona on occasion of the financial meeting, chaired by Albert and Sonia, which also took place in the Catalan city the day before.

Preparing the Interim Report 2012: Financial Meeting in Barcelona

The Financial Managers of the project called partners for a meeting in the Mediterranean city with the aim to clarify some issues relating to finances with a view to the submitting of the Interim report in August.

The Lead Partner visits Cultural Contact Point in Madrid

On Wednesday 27th June we visited the National Cultural Contact Point in Madrid to keep them informed about OpenArch project progress and to solve some doubts about the interim report and the EVE platform.

Midsummer Management Team Meeting in Barcelona

On the 22nd June 2012, the MT met in Barcelona. Our advisor, Geir Sør-Reime was the only one unable to join. We have spent much time lately getting all the sources of information in OpenArch in tune with each other: the content, the finances, the administration.

III OpenArch Steering Committee (Modena, Italy)

The first Steering Committee in person of 2012 took place at Museo Civico Archeologico Etnologico, close to the city centre in Modena and it was also the first one with the participation of the two new members of the project, the University of Exeter, Department of

Management Team prepares the next Meeting of Partners

Just after the summertime change, on Monday 26 March, the Management Team met in Calafell. Our objective was to prepare the upcoming meeting inItaly of OpenArch. We discussed the Project Budget in detail, to be agreed in Modena by the Steering Committee.

Winter meeting in Paris

On the occasion of the already scheduled WP6 meeting with ICOM DG in Paris, the Management Team had the chance to gather in person for the first time in 2012, exactly one year after the kick off meeting in Calafell...

Kick off meeting for cooperation projects in Culture + Europe Culture Forum

The coordinators of the different Culture Programme projects were invited to a kick off meeting organised by the EACEA which took place in the Management Centre Europe in Brussels on 19 October.

II OpenArch Steering Committee (Borger, The Netherlands)

Nine months after the first Steering Committee of the project in Calafell, the partnership met again in person at the Hunebedcentrum in Borger, The Netherlands. This meeting was tirelessly prepared in the previous months by the WP coordinators together with the MT with several virtual meetings in September...

The Management Team meets in Brussels to discuss work packages

From the 30th June to the 2nd July the Management Team of OpenArch met in person in Brussels with the aim to check the evolution of the workpackages so far and discuss strategies and tasks to do before the summer Season comes to our museums with the Borger meeting (October) on the hori

First meeting with our project officer at the Agency

The whole MT went to Brussels to meet in person our project officer, Ms Jolien Willemsens at EACEA . The goal was to introduce ourselves and inform Ms Willemsens about the evolution of the project so far during the period named “Inception Phase” which is foreseen to be closed...

1st Meeting of OpenArch, Calafell (CAT)

From January 24th to 28th the OpenArch project fired the starting shot in the Mediterranean town of Calafell. The organisation prepared a very complete agenda with different activities and a detailed work plan with...