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Story of the Site - Viminacium

Sunday, 6 December, 2015
Marc van Hasselt
Milica Tapavicki-Illic
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Online publication

The AOAM partners in OpenArch have provided a large amount of examples of their Story of the Site. The PDF files attached to this report reflect the rich background of their presentations, as well as the solid scientific basis on which they are built.

In the case of Viminacium, they provided descriptions of nearly all of their reconstructions and finds. As they are based around the archaeological remains of the city of Viminacium, their story is mostly about the archaeology and the finds produced in the area.

The scientific underpinning of their story is, to them, the most important factor in the descriptions. But still there is a lot to tell visitors to the site, an inspiration to other AOAM, whether they are based on an archaeological site or not.

The Mammoth Park and Domus are the exceptions in this case, as they are still based around the archaeology but serve a different function. The descriptions reflect this difference.