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Story of the Site - St. Fagans

Sunday, 6 December, 2015
Marc van Hasselt
Steve Burrow
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The AOAM partners in OpenArch have provided a large amount of examples of their Story of the Site. The PDF files attached to this report reflect the rich background of their presentations, as well as the solid scientific basis on which they are built.

St. Fagans is set up like a traditional Skansen, with historical building that have been moved to the site in order to preserve them. The story of these buildings reflects this, as they are not reconstructions and have a history of their own.

The activity can be as simple as 'meet the shopkeeper / trader / craftsman / hunter-gatherer / soldier' and still provide an educational and entertaining activity. The example of St. Fagans in this case is very strong, providing a good basis for multiple such activities.