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Story of the Site - Calafell

Sunday, 6 December, 2015
Marc van Hasselt
Manel Gómez
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Online publication

The AOAM partners in OpenArch have provided a large amount of examples of their Story of the Site. The PDF files attached to this report reflect the rich background of their presentations, as well as the solid scientific basis on which they are built.

The descriptions of reconstructions and activities by the Ciatudella de Calafell are of an outstanding quality. By combining the descriptions of original constructions and practices with the practical application on site, they bridge the gap between museum and activity centre. Their descriptions are elaborate and complete, ready to be used on-site for the development of further educational activities or interactive displays.

The two descriptions on ceramics are particularily interesting in AOAM dealing largely with prehistoric source material, as pottery forms such a large part of the archaeological archive. But also textile production, essential for any museum dealing with clothing, has an important place in the story of the site.