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Story of the Site - Archeon

Sunday, 6 December, 2015
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Marc van Hasselt
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Online publication

The AOAM partners in OpenArch have provided a large amount of examples of their Story of the Site. The PDF files attached to this report reflect the rich background of their presentations, as well as the solid scientific basis on which they are built.

In Archeon's case, most of the work went into collecting and collating the examples given by the partners. The attached examples are just that - examples of what could be possible for partners to do with their own site.

The Merchant's House is a solid description of the scientific background of the find, the reconstruction, etc. It offers some handholds to interpreters, but more interesting are what can then be added into the reconstruction, in order to tell more of a story of it's inhabitants.

The Wall paintings are themselves a story and as such, represent something that the interpreter can use to engage and entertain the visitors. He can pick and choose which aspect of the story or presentation he wants to use for this purpose, but knowing the whole story (of the pictures as well as the contents) is important to reach this goal.

The sword fighting activity is a solid activity to undertake with children or adults. Breaking it down into simple steps is best for the description, but it also gives options to explain more about the historical practice of swordfighting. This example goes into how to use the interpreter's own thirst for knowledge to expand on the experience.