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OpenArch, a project website

Tuesday, 1 November, 2011 to Sunday, 15 April, 2012
Organised by: 
Roeland Paardekooper (EXARC Director)
Quantity of Products: 
Website - 1
The final PR product we delivered for the OpenArch EU project is their website. It is not merely a simple presentation about the project but moreover a tool for the project itself.

OpenArch representatives got an explanation on the functionality of the websites and how we can use those during meeting in Modena, on April 12th. From now on it is up to the partners to add the information, while EXARC and Community Manager will be promoting it across through the Social Media.

The website was designed as a part of a bigger portal which exists of the EXARC, the EXARC Journal, the Didarchtik and Zeitgeist websites. Many items are to be shared, as well as cross linking is used. With part of the information already in Drupal (CMS) 5 or 7, the whole internet presence is from now on in Drupal 7. The content needs to come from the OpenArch partners, but we have added some info to start with.
This website includes general information on OpenArch, explanations on the Work Packages, a presentation of all OpenArch members, a relevant news section, presentations of the meetings (including a schedule and registration forms). The website will also include manuals (can be used to publish reports and articles) and a media storage section for images, files, movies, press releases (including a Members Only Area). Finally, the internet presence will offer newsletters and a market place for members only (published at the EXARC website).
The objective of the WP7 is to get more visibility and therefore acceptance of the co‐organisers and Archaeological Open‐Air Museums in general.
Main Target Groups:
TG 1 The OpenArch partners
TG 2 Other museums and professionals
TG 3 Public

TG 1
TG 2 (all 4 sub websites, incl Journal)
TG 3

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