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Open Archaeology, a world to discover - website

Tuesday, 1 November, 2011 to Sunday, 15 April, 2012
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Roeland Paardekooper (EXARC Director)
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Website - 1
This website is a part of a bigger portal, which includes the OpenArch, EXARC and the EXARC JOURNAL websites.

OpenArch representatives got an explanation on the functionality of the websites and how we can use those during meeting in Modena, on April 12th. From now on it is up to the partners to add the information, while EXARC and Community Manager will be promoting it across through the Social Media.

On the Open Archaeology website you will find a European guide of archaeological open-air museums & professionals, including a calendar and a searchable Google map. EXARC Member’s museums will be able to add their own info to the data base (events, images et cetera). There is an online bibliography on archaeological open-air museums & experimental archaeology (with over 10,000 entries), a glossary in a few languages with relevant terms explained at the spot, links to social media and a FAQ (over 200 questions asked by visitors to archaeological open-air museums). Finally, the EXARC Journal articles are presented. We have also included an extensive search engine (SOLR) to allow deep search. This website will be mainly maintained by EXARC and was commissioned by the EU project OpenArch.
The objective of the WP7 is to get more visibility and therefore acceptance of the co‐organisers and Archaeological Open‐Air Museums in general.
Main Target Groups:
TG 1 The OpenArch partners
TG 2 Other museums and professionals
TG 3 Public

TG 1
TG 2 (all 4 sub websites, incl Journal)
TG 3

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