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The life cycle of structures in experimental archaeology: an object biography approach-publication

Tuesday, 8 December, 2015
Dr. Penny Cunningham
Dr. Linda Hurcombe
Leena Lehtinen
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After the Kierikki conference University of Exeter is making a publication from the conference lectures which were focusing to constructuions. The publication is a co-operation with Exeter and Kierikki where printing costs were paid By Kierikki and editing is done By University of Exeter. There will be 16 articles in themes:
1)Planning Structures, 2) Thinking through structures, 3) Construction, 4) Structures in life, 5) Decline of structures (old age). In the main image Jannie Marie Christensen is having her lecture "Indoor environment and personal health in a reconstructed Viking house " which will be also in the publication.