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Guideline Manual – A Handbook about Experiences and Results from the Workpackage 4 The Dialogue with Skills

Friday, 26 June, 2015
Alessia Pelillo, Modena
Dr. Rüdiger Kelm, Albersdorf
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On EXARC Journal (in Themed collections) it is now available the "Guideline Manual - Handbook about Experiences and Results from the OpenArch Workpackage 4.

Workpackage 4 concerns “The dialogue with skills” and is coordinated by the Museum of Modena (Italy) and the Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf (Germany). It focuses on the people that do demonstrations of traditional skills such as metalworking, textile working, pottery making, woodworking, basketry, etc.
The WP 4-partners organised four specialist workshops for this target group, which were combined with the joint seminars of the OpenArch-project. The workshops were realized at the partner institutions in Modena (2012), Archeon (2013), Albersdorf (2013) and Kierikki (2014); they all focused on the archaeological and natural environment, the techniques, the craftspersons themselves, the interaction between crafts and also on intangible aspects of the crafts.

A compilation of some of the handicraft and skills activities with their experiences and results has been made with this “Guideline Manual”. Because of its “digital character” there will be additions and more reports in the manual in the future.

We like to thank all partners for their friendly and giving cooperation and for contributing to this report.

We hope that a lot of colleagues at other institutions will have some use for this work and will be inspired to try out their own traditional skills in a practical way and rejuvenate.