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Guidebook for Live Interpretation in AOAM

Thursday, 1 January, 2015 to Thursday, 31 December, 2015
Organised by: 
Marc van Hasselt
Quantity of Products: 
A4 printed publication - 50 initially

As part of the WP3 activities, Archeon decided to publish a guide on the use of Live Interpretation in Archaeological Open-Air Museums. This booklet should become an industry standard for museums considering using Live Interpretation, or museums who are already using actors to interpret the past for their visitors.

Central to the concept of the guidebook is the idea that Live Interpretation is one of the best ways to provide both an entertaining and educational experience for museum visitors - both in AOAM and more 'traditional' museums. Contributions from the partners in the OpenArch project, as well as experts in the industry, provide insights into the ways Live Interpretation can help shape our perception of the past and in extension - of ourselves.