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EXARC Website, as part of the bigger Portal

Friday, 1 April, 2011 to Thursday, 1 September, 2011
Organised by: 
Roeland Paardekooper (EXARC Director)
Quantity of Products: 
Website - 1
The EXARC website is the entry of a much larger internet Portal which includes two other EU projects of EXARC, a section presenting our Members across Europe, a Journal section, a large presentation of our previous and current EU projects, and the OpenArch and OpenArchaeology websites. Many items are shared over different sections, as well as cross linking is used.
The old information (as far as available) needed to be transferred to a CMS. We chose Drupal for this as parts were already in a Drupal 5. All was upgraded to the Drupal 7, the engine for all websites (incl OpenArch and OpenArchaeology) needed much work. The advantage of Drupal is having the same information presented in different contexts (taken from the database), depending on relevancy and, more important, all people involved can maintain their own part.
The objective of the WP7 is to get more visibility and therefore acceptance of the co‐organisers and Archaeological Open‐Air Museums in general.
Main Target Groups:
TG 1 The OpenArch partners
TG 2 Other museums and professionals
TG 3 Public

TG 1
TG 2 (all 4 sub websites, incl Journal)
TG 3

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