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EXARC article: Access to Cultural Heritage Sites for All

Monday, 25 May, 2015 to Thursday, 3 December, 2015
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Roeland Paardekooper (EXARC Director)
Linda Nilsen Ask
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The purpose of Universal Design is to increase people’s opportunities to participate in society through the design of products, services, methods of communication, buildings and built-up spaces that are accessible to as many as possible. The implementation of Universal Design in the heritage sector requires willingness to find good compromises that make the project feasible. Ideally, the consultant should have experience from, insight into and respect for both Universal Design and cultural heritage protection, in addition to formal training as an architect or construction engineer, ensuring cross-disciplinary expertise, to ensure sustainable solutions and compromises.

In this article in the EXARC Journal, Linda Nilsen Ask from Rogaland in Norway describes accessibillity issues and solutions in the heritage sector in Rogaland. The article is based on a paper Ms Nislen Ask presented fro OpenArch in Cardiff. An important example of a heritage site made more accessible is the Vistehola Cave. This article includes many good points for archaeological open-air museums.