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Accessibility, staffing, maintenance: touring the new roundhouses at St Fagans

Wednesday, 27 May, 2015
Steve Burrow
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1 building

One of the main products from Work Package 2 are the new roundhouses at St Fagans.

These roundhouses have been built as a result of a careful review of building management practices at the museums of the different OpenArch partners, as well as the ways that these affect:

- site safety (based on work relating to light levels)
- staff working conditions (in comparison with previous structures at St Fagans)
- long term maintenance plans
- site accessibility (based on building location)
- accessibility (based on visitor flow and disabled access).

During the St Fagans conference, the results of this work was presented to the OpenArch partners, and the elements that are derived from knowledge gained at their own museums was outlined.

It is expected that the buildings will open to the public in September 2015, at which time the success of these new strategies can be evaluated.