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The Dialogue with Museum Organisations

The objective of this Work Package is to link the archaeological open-air museums more closely to the museum world at large. Joint workshops will be organised with the ICOM committee CECA (on didactics and communication / education in museums), and with other relevant organisations. In addition, other members of EXARC will be invited to participate at OpenArch workshops & seminars.
EXARC itself, founded in 2003, is an important tool for OpenArch. Not only are all co-organisers member of this association (the cooperation stems from EXARC), it provides a backbone for OpenArch which looks further than middle term goals. For example, affiliation to ICOM is sought by EXARC which leads to a long term focus on quality in visitor experience as well as quality in museum organisation. The existing infrastructure of EXARC (organisation, website, journal, members) is the backup support for OpenArch, now, and when the project has ended, to continue the objectives of OpenArch.

Activities and Products

A product for OpenArch is a tangible result of an effort (in time or money) to fulfill any of the goals set in the Work Plans. They are realised in connection with the project activities.

ICMAH annual conference “the professional and ethical dimensions of archaeology”

About 100 museum specialists, all member of ICOM, met for a conference in the shadow of the Acropolis in Greece. EXARC joined this conference and had several discussions with members of the board of ICMAH, the International Committee of Museums of Archaeology and History.

ICOM Milan - preparation meeting

In preparation for the ICOM triannual meeting in Milan, 2016, representatives of EXARC met with colleagues from ICOM the Netherlands. The general theme of the meeting in Milan (where over 1,500 museum professionals are expected from all over the world) is: "museums and cultural landscapes".

ICOM Annual Meeting, June 2015

Every year in June, ICOM Committee delegates meet in Paris. 2015, Drs. Luc Eekhout represented both EXARC and ICOM Netherlands. Following a reception in the Louvre Museum on 1 June with informal meetings with members of other international committees...

WP6 publication: AOAMs and the dialogue with the museum community

The main output of work package 6 is a publication which aims to be helpful for all AOAMs across Europe in a very specific subject: the links of the AOAMs with the museum world. Many AOAMs are already working together with national museums or museum organisations (i.e ICOM).

Seminar: AOAMs and the museum world

The kick-off of the 9th OpenArch conference was a seminar focused on archaeological open air museums and their dialogue with traditional museums and museum world. This seminar was held in the Oriel Suite of National Museum Cardiff and was coordinated by EXARC and La Ciutadella Ibèrica of Calafell...

Ethnography meets Archaeology

We were delighted that at our OpenArch conference “Managing archaeological open-air museums: current issues, future trends” we could welcome several delegates from the Board of Association of European Open Air Museums (AEOM)...

Settlements, culture and population dynamics in Balkan prehistory

On the 13th and the 14th of March 2015, archaeologists from the Republic of Macedonia organized a conference entitled "Settlements, culture and population dynamics in Balkan prehistory".

Making wine like Iberians: international summer work camp at La Ciutadella Ibèrica of Calafell

The Youth Department of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia organises summer work camps of international exchange in the region.

EXARC at the 29th general assembly of ICOM in Paris

ICOM, the International Council of Museums, is the worldwide network of museum professionals. In June 2014 they held their annual general assembly in Paris, France. As many members of EXARC are developing themselves into professional museums, we see the benefit of being an affiliated organisation of ICOM...

Continuous communication with relevant organisations

Active with our communication with other organisations within the museum world, including but not limited to: NOOAM, IMTAL, Balt. Mus., Friluftsmuseerna, Sveriges Museers Riksforbund, Destination Viking Association, among others.

EXARC & OpenArch in Rio: the General Conference of the International Council of Museums (ICOM)

The International Council of Museums counts 30,000 members worldwide. They organise a large meeting every three years, 2010 in Shanghai, 2013 in Rio, 2016 in Milan. The theme of the Conference in Rio de Janeiro was “Museums (Memory + Creativity) = Social Change”...

At the AAM in Baltimore

The American Alliance of Museums (AAM) is a large organization, supporting 21,000 museums, individuals and companies. Mid May, the AAM held its annual conference, in Baltimore. More than 5,000 people, including over 460 from 50 different countries joined...

EXARC, affiliated organisation to ICOM

2010, EXARC was given probation status as Affiliated Organisation to ICOM. We now reported to the Executive Council what we done since to play an active role in the international museum community.

Meeting with the ICMAH Chair

ICOM consists of International Committees. ICMAH is one of the oldest and is about Archaeology and History Museums. Their Chair is Jari Harju from Helsinki and we found him willing to come and join at the OpenArch meeting in Sweden in September 2012.

Paris, the ICOM Advisory Committee 2012

Following EXARCs status in ICOM as Affiliated Organisation, we were invited to attend the 2012 session of the ICOM Advisory Committee, also known as the ‘June Meeting’. This is a yearly convention of representatives of all National Committees (NC’s), all International Thematic Committees (IC’s) and all Affiliated Organisations (AO’s).

Meeting between officials from CECA (ICOM) and EXARC

It is not surprising that CECA is one of the most important International Committees, relevant to EXARC. The Committee for Education and Cultural Action (CECA) is one of the oldest and largest International Committees of ICOM...

Visit to the AEOM Chair

A delegation from EXARC/OpenArch visited the LWL Museum in Detmold. Their director, Jan Carstensen is also Chair of AEOM, the ICOM Affiliated European Association of Open Air Museums.

EXARC & La Ciutadella Ibérica de Calafell Visit ICOM HQ

By the end of January 2012, a delegation of four people from EXARC & La Ciutadella Ibérica de Calafell visited ICOM Headquarters in Paris. EXARC is an ICOM Affiliated Organisation, so it is important to better understand ICOM and how we can cooperate. We were welcomed by Julien Anfruns, Director General.