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Communication and Dissemination

The objective of this Work Package is to get more visibility and therefore acceptance of the co-organisers and archaeological open-air museums in general.
We need to see:
how each museum can bring its own message better and
define a common approach, ‘a brand’ for archaeological open-air museums in Europe.
We will use the existing C&D strategies of the co-organisers to start with. The OpenArch website will be important, which needs to be developed with permanency in mind. Also the co-organiser’s own website and folders & merchandising needs to be used. Mailing lists should be created which can be used – if relevant – by individual partners.

For the tourist visitors we will develop the online archaeological open-air museums overview across Europe with more options for users. Social media will be used where possible. Tips & tricks, possibly in workshops, will be shared.

Activities and Products

A product for OpenArch is a tangible result of an effort (in time or money) to fulfill any of the goals set in the Work Plans. They are realised in connection with the project activities.

The OpenArch Community Manager 2011-2015 Final Report

2011, the OpenArch Community Manager started. This report covers the years 2011-2015. His tasks were to help getting the word out of all OpenArch activities, Partner’s activities and to promote archaeological open-air museums, experimental archaeology, ancient technology and interpretation in general.

Information board to Kierikki Stone Age village

Kierikki Stone Age Centre wanted to tell to the visitors in Stone Age village how the houses in the village were built and what is is the archeological basis of the constructions.

Seminar on communication for AOAMs

The seminar started with a short summary from where we started at the beginning till the point we have reached in 2015. It was a five years experience. Some of us knew each other, others not. So we had to meet each other.

Small information boards

It was decided that the best way to increase visibility for the European Union was to create signboards located near products made with support of the European Union. Two museums, part of OpenArch, requested such shields.

Online EXARC Journal 2015-4 published

The fourth online issue of the 2015 EXARC Journal contains 17 articles divided over two sections. 15 articles are open access (OpenArch related and Mixed Matters), two are for EXARC Members only. It includes one article from the special OpenArch Crafts Issue and 7 from Digest Special OpenArch Issue.

Stone Age Park as partner of the National Park Wadden Sea

Since January 2015 the Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf (AÖZA) is an official partner of the German National Park Wadden Sea, which is recognized by the UNESCO as World Heritage since 2009.

More designs for DVDs made within OpenArch project

With the OpenArch project coming to the end we are working on the design of several small extra products, like another DVD cover and label. This time we prepared two designs:

Special Issue - OpenArch EXARC Digest Journal 2015-2

With OpenArch coming to the end, EXARC decided to publish a special issue of Digest - dedicated to OpenArch. We asked the partners to write about their best experiences, summarizing their role in OpenArch and what they learned.

2015-3 EXARC Journal Online published

With Summer ending and a bit later than planned EXARC published its third online Journal this year. We prepared 8 articles this time, of which 2 are open access. Other 6 are peer-reviewed and cover four different areas.

EXARC Journal Digest 2015 issue 1

In our EXARC Journal Digest 2015 issue 1 you will find six peer-reviewed articles and six Mixed Matters (reviews, interviews and reports). Five articles are OpenArch related.

Settlements, culture and population dynamics in Balkan prehistory

On the 13th and the 14th of March 2015, archaeologists from the Republic of Macedonia organized a conference entitled "Settlements, culture and population dynamics in Balkan prehistory".

2013 PR Book "Communication Strategy" available online

Based on our experience in PR for Archaeological Open-Air Museums we wrote a manual on Communication and PR. It includes Strategies for Archaeological Open-Air Museums. From March 1, 2015 it is available online.

TV interview: promotion of activities at La Ciutadella Ibèrica

In February, Manel Gómez, the PR person of La Ciutadella Ibèrica de Calafell had an interview for El Vendrell Television program "Temps Lliure" (Catalan for "Spare Time") which recommends to the audience, mostly of El Penedès area, interesting places to visit.

EXARC Journal 2015-2 ready

Our second issue of the 2015 EXARC Journal is now published online. It contains 10 articles of which three are Mixed Matters (open access), and seven are for Members Only.

Jan 2015 Dublin Experimental Archaeology conference

With 240 participants and papers from across the globe this was a ‘grand’ meeting as the Irish might say. There was a lot of Openarch representation, Calafell, EXARC, Exeter, Foteviken, Kierikki, St Fagans...

Smiths in Bronze Age Europe, the movie

This film is one of the concrete products of the articulated project "Smiths in Bronze Age Europe", conducted by the Modena Museum during these 5 years in the frame of OpenArch WP4...

EXARC Journal Issue 2015-1 published

In the 2015-1, published February 15 2015, you can find 8 articles divided over two sections. 5 articles are open access (Mixed Matters), others are for EXARC Members only. To view 2015-1 click here

Disseminating OpenArch to 250 colleagues

By the end of November 2014, EXARCs 2nd Digest of 2014 was published. This includes several OpenArch contributions. All EXARC members, almost 250 addresses in 30 countries, recieved the EXARC Journal Digest 2014-2.

OpenArch at the International Symposium "Drobeta. Archaeology and History"

The International Symposium entitled "Drobeta. Archaeology and History" was held on the 13th and the 14th of November 2014 in Turnu Severin, Romania. It was organized by the Iron Gates Regional Museum...

Social Media Day in Oelde

The Culture Desk in Münsterland, Germany has a series of trainings and workshops for those working in culture. Themes are among others: how to make a financial plan, how to organise an event, PR, Graphics and of course "Web 2.0 & Social Media".

EXARC Journal Digest 2014 Autumn printed

Soon you will have in your hands our second Digest of the year. We are getting used to the new rhythm and hope that our readers find the new format of four issues yearly and two printed Digests satisfactory...

Presentation about Communication Strategy

Based on the "PR Book" prepared in October 2013, we organized a presentation for archaeology students from Cardiff University about Strategic Public Relations for Archaeological Open-Air Museums.

EXARC Journal 2014-4

On November 15th we published our fourth online issue of the EXARC Journal this year. You can find it at The Journal 2014-4 contains 10 articles.

EXARC Journal 2014-3 published

August 15, 2014 we published our EXARC Journal 2014/3. It contains 9 article, of which 5 Mixed Matters (open to all), and 4 peer-reviewed: it includes 3 articles from the 8th UK EA Conference Oxford 2014.

Introducing OpenArch to the World’s largest Experimental Archaeology Conference

May 2014, 235 people met at the experimental archaeology conference in Burgos, Spain. EXARC was a coorganizer. It was an excellent opportunity to reach professionally interested people from regions of Europe and the World with a small EXARC or OpenArch presence...

Seminar about Archaeological Open Air Museums at the University of Kiel

In the summer termin 2014 there has been held a scientific seminar about the education and conceptual work in an archaeological Open Air Museum at the Institute of Pre- and Protohistory at the University of Kiel, organized and led by Dr. Rüdiger Kelm from the Stone Age Park in Albersdorf.

Distributing PR Book among EXARC Members

Following a good reception of the PR Book in October 2013 by our OpenArch partners and a positive review about this manual, published on EXARC Journal website; we have decided to print more and share with EXARC members...

Movie: "Iberians: The Secret Of Iron"

"Iberians: The Secret Of Iron" is a documentary about Iberian ironworking processes based on the experimental archaeology works which took place at La Ciutadella Ibèrica de Calafell in April 2014. Both film and experiment are part of the EU Culture Programme OpenArch...

Kierikki Conference Advert for the EXARC Digest

To advertise the upcoming conference at Kierikki, Finland (in June 2014), we made an advert 90 x 134 mm to be placed in the Spring Issue of EXARC Journal Digest. The Digest is distributed between EXARC members and through some conferences taking place in Europe this year.

EXARC Journal Digest 2014 Spring

Spring of 2014 EXARC published his first EXARC Journal Digest for this year. From 2014 the planning is to have two printed issues annually. In this number we published five peer-reviewed articles and six Mixed Matters articles. It also includes several small book reviews.

EXARC Journal 2014/2 online

May 15th, the second online Issue of this year has been published. See for more. Since 2014 it is EXARC's aim to post four online issues a year.

Almost 70 new museums presented online

The world of archaeological open-air museums keeps changing. Some places close, many more open. Sometimes we find "new" museums only several years after they open. 2014, we added almost 70 new museums in Europe to our online overview at

Design for DVD cover and label

Another product we made for the OpenArch project, this time for a partner in Finland. This museum produced a film telling a Stone Age story about the harsh living conditions back then. We made a design for a cover and label based on previous OpenArch designs...

EXARC Journal 2014/1 ready

We now published the first online EXARC Journal of 2014:

Workshop on PR and Communication

During the conference at Albersdorf (DE), Magdalena Zielinska (one of the two authors of the PR Book "Communication Strategy for Archaeological Open-Air Museums") gave an workshop about the main aspects of PR & Communication as applicable to the OpenArch Partners.

PR Book "Communication Strategy"

Based on our experience in PR for Archaeological Open-Air Museums we wrote a manual on Communication and PR. It includes Strategies for Archaeological Open-Air Museums. The book exists out of six themes...

EXARC Journal Digest 2013 published

EXARC just printed the 2013 EXARC Journal Digest. It counts 40 pages - that is 10% more than previously - and offers the best articles of the online EXARC Journal from 2013.

EXARC Journal 2013/3 published

We now published the third online EXARC Journal of 2013: It contains 19 articles divided over four sections, 12 articles are open access (Mixed Matters), others are for EXARC Members only...

2nd EXARC Journal of 2013 published

The EXARC Journal 2013/2 contains articles such as Aspects on Realizing House Reconstructions: a Scandinavian Perspective or Testing a Reconstruction: A Frosty Week in a Viking Age House and much more.

A map for children in the Stone Age Park in Albersdorf

Just at the beginning of the visitor season the Stone Age Park Dithmarschen in Albersdorf could publish a map for children, which guides through the open air museum and invites the young visitors to explore the prehistoric time in this concrete place...

Floating conference - development of the project Cultural Routes

In May/June 2013, as a representative of the Viminacium and the OpenArch projects, Milica Tapavički-Ilić was invited to participate at the "Floating conference - development of the project Cultural Routes".

Conference april 2013 Archeon adverts

Adverts placed in the periodicals Geschiedenis Magazine and Archeologie Magazine, as well as a short article in VOA magazine.

Presentation of OpenArch in Albersdorf

AÖZA has an Association of Friends who held their annual meeting at the Bürgerhaus in Albersdorf early March. Following on the official program, museum director Dr. Rüdiger Kelm of AÖZA gGmbH gave a lecture...

#SMC040: If you get it, share it

This was the slogan, Social Media Club (SMC) started with in San Francisco back in 2006. Soon the concept started to be used elsewhere. 2009, Eindhoven was one of the first Dutch cities.

OpenArch September 2013 Conference adverts

This is an overview of adverts and small articles and such published for the Conference in September 2013: "Working with stones in European Pre- and Protohistory in theory and in practice" at Albersdorf (DE)

Evaluation meeting, Eindhoven, February 2013

Early February, the coordinators of the Work package “communication & dissemination” met in Eindhoven. We evaluated the project now that almost half of the time is up. Of the fifteen results we need to reach, most are done or on the way.

Mailing almost 200 museums

Over the summer 2013, we approached 195 Archaeological Open-Air Museums in 23 European countries. This was done in personalized emails, in their native language and with details about their exact museum...

Outside Board about OpenArch and its partners

At first in March 2013 Archeon requested a board (120 x 70 cm) explaining their visitors the idea behind OpenArch. Later in 2013 Hunebedcentrum and Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf followed. And in 2014 La Ciutadella Iberica de Calafell...

EXARC brochure about Journal, OpenArch and OpenArchaeology

At the very end of 2012, EXARC released a new folder which showcases all different aspects of EXARC, highlighting OpenArch and OpenArchaeology.

Article in "Antike Welt"

The Journal "Antike Welt" is from the large German publisher Phillipp von Zabern (Mainz) and is the best known and most widely read magazine (12,000 copies, 20 – 30,000 readers) about classical archaeological studies in Germany.

OpenArch in Mérida (ES)

The OAM Calafell was invited by the Regional Culture and Education Ministry of the Government of Extremadura and the Association of Cultural Managers of Extremadura to...

EXARC Journal 2013/1 published

This year’s first EXARC Journal: 2013/1 got published, containing 14 articles. While we review six conferences and two books, the member’s only articles are about Roman hairdo’s (this even reached the Wall Street Journal)...

EXARC Journal Digest 2012 published

EXARC has just printed the 2012 EXARC Journal Digest. It counts 36 pages and offers the best articles of the online EXARC Journal over the past year.

EXARC JOURNAL 2012/3 out

The third online issue of the EXARC Journal 2012. Contains 23 articles divided over three sections of which 19 articles are open to all (Experimental Archaeology and Mixed Matters). Others are for EXARC Members only. In this issue we have republished Proceedings of the Bronze Symposium from 1999...

Screen based presentation about OpenArch released

OpenArch has a wonderful presentation of the project: a giant slideshow. Halfway the project we released a beta version with already 58 slides so far. All partners can already use it even though it gets continuously updated.

Partner meeting, Eindhoven February 2012

In order to discuss the development of the work plan on PR & Communication, a meeting was held in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

EXARC JOURNAL 2012/2 published

The second issue of the online EXARC Journal is out now. It contains 13 articles under ‘mixed matters’ which are open access, including book and conference reviews, an interview and an extensive discussion on reconstruction in situ. The other two categories, on archaeological open-air museums and experimental archaeology, are members only and contain another six more lengthy articles on for example Iron Age horse bridles and the history of archaeological open-air museums in the Netherlands.

More products within Corporate Identity

Following the design of the logo, we identified an OpenArch style so the project and its outcomes are recognisable as such. Early January, OpenArch was represented at an international archaeological conference – here we needed our first poster...

Article in EXAR "Bilanz 2012"

EXAR is the European association for the advancement of archaeology by experiment. They have 140 members and are seated in Germany. They publish proceedings of their annual conference.

EXARC JOURNAL Online, several articles published

EXARC decided in 2011 that the best way to reach their audience was online. The EXARC Journal plays a major role in this. With this new policy for EXARC JOURNAL, it was decided to re-publish all old material from the previous Journals and make it open access for the wider public.

Working on the OpenArch and OpenArchaeology websites

Following deliberation between the OpenArch partners and a process of requesting offers and such the website work started on November 1st 2011. EXARC, who is responsible for, commissioned the work to two different companies, partly because it is about two different websites with different goals.

Reached the 1,000 at LinkedIn experimental archaeology

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with 200 million members in 200 countries. November 2011, EXARC pumped life into the experimental archaeology group, following LinkedIn’s mission...

Open Archaeology, a world to discover - website

This website is a part of a bigger Portal, which includes OpenArch, EXARC, EXARC JOURNAL websites. On Open Archaeology website you will find a European guide of locations of archaeological open-air museums & professionals, including a calendar and searchable Google map...

OpenArch, a project website

The final PR product we delivered for the OpenArch EU project is their website. It is not merely a simple presentation about the project but moreover a tool for the project itself. It was designed as a part of a bigger portal which exists of...

Interview to Spazio Europa (IT)

Dott.ssa Ilaria Pulini, director of the Parco Archeologico e Museo all’aperto della Terramara di Montale (IT) gave an interview to Spazio Europa, an European Radio Station with important hosts (like for example the Presidente del Consiglio Mario Monti).

EXARC Journal Digest 2011 published

Annual archaeological Journal of EXARC.
After seven years, it was decided to bring the EXARC Journal more in line with the other products of the association. This meant one single corporate identity for all publications

The OpenArch ‘Borger Meeting’, bringing archaeology to life

The Borger Meeting, 3rd - 7th October 2011 was a great success with almost 100 participants from about 10 countries. The Borger Meeting was to discuss new ways to reach the public with archaeology. The meeting combined participants from OpenArch, Zeitgeist and EXARC and was also visited by members of....

OpenArch PR Products

With the II OpenArch Meeting coming up, we have made several items to show ‘we are OpenArch’. These will be used by all partners throughout the 5 years of OpenArch’s existence. We made roll up banners, flyers and shields.

Several products to promote EXARC and its members, Journal and EU projects

To increase the visibility of the EXARC Members as well as to promote the EXARC Journal and the EU Projects EXARC Members take part in, several products have been designed, all in new Corporate Identity.

Publication in Archäologie in Deutschland (DE)

The Journal “Archäologie in Deutschland” appears already since 1984, nowadays every two months by the large publisher Theiss Verlag, ISSN 0176-8522.

EXARC Website, as part of the bigger Portal

The EXARC website is the entry of a much larger internet Portal which includes two other EU projects of EXARC, a section presenting our Members across Europe, a Journal section, a large presentation of our previous and current EU projects, and the OpenArch and OpenArchaeology websites.

Making a plan for the WP7 - a meeting of two partners

A two days meeting took place at the Hunebedcentrum. EXARC representatives met with colleagues from the Hunebedcentrum. Being the coordinators of the Work Package about Communication and Dissemination, we needed to make detailed plans.