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Working on the OpenArch and OpenArchaeology websites

Tuesday, 1 November, 2011 to Friday, 6 April, 2012
Organised by: 
Roeland Paardekooper (EXARC Director)
Number of Participants / Visitors / Audience: 
all partners involved

Following deliberation between the OpenArch partners and a process of requesting offers and such the website work started on November 1st 2011.

EXARC, who is responsible for, commissioned the work to two different companies, partly because it is about two different websites with different goals. One is the project website,, which is meant for us and other professionals. The other one:, which will be presented a little later, is meant for a wider audience. The proposals for both websites were presented at II OpenArch meeting in Borger (NL). A detailed planning of the work was made but we know that things might need to be adapted a bit on the way: something might work well in theory but in reality might remain unused.