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Winter MT meeting in Calafell

Monday, 2 December, 2013
Manel Gómez
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The third year of OpenArch is about to conclude and the new Operational Managers (Joan and Bérenger) have already started working in the project with a revision of the work carried out by the partnership so far. New challenges are on the horizon so it was a good occasion to meet up in person with Joan and Bérenger for the first time and discuss about relevant issues concerning the management of the project. As a result of this meeting the MT expects the proposals and actions agreed can be executed in the next weeks.

The meeting took place in the Culture House of the municipality of Calafell.

The first section of the meeting was focused on reviewing the progress of the project since the Steering Committee in Albersdorf (September 2013) stressing the financial aspects mainly.

The core of the discussions was the analysis of activity progress and a special attention on the reporting tasks schedule and the outputs available and those foreseen.

The last section was about the next conferences themes with special emphasis on the next OpenArch conference in Kierikki (June 2014).

The program details will be available soon so we will keep you informed!