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Winter meeting in Paris

Monday, 30 January, 2012
Clara Masriera
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On the occasion of the already scheduled WP6 meeting with ICOM DG in Paris, the Management Team had the chance to gather in person for the first time in 2012, exactly one year after the kick off meeting in Calafell.

One hour before noon the meeting started in the small and noiseless hall of the hotel; it was a very cold day outside, in the capital of France. Our main goal was to discuss the status of the different workpackages, especially the financial side and the milestones.

We also had to debate administrative issues related to project management such as the status with the two new partners joining OpenArch or the staff exchanges coordination.

The meeting ended early in the evening with the usual planning for the next months in which we decided to meet again in Barcelona before Modena conferences and linked to the logistics and coordination of this event, suggest a call for a virtual meeting by mid-February with partners to inform about the program and other relevant information.