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The whisper of stones: dissemination of Iberian culture in Iberian Summer Festival

Tuesday, 30 July, 2013 to Saturday, 10 August, 2013
Josep Pou
Anna Triadó
Manel Gómez
Ibercalafell (associated partner)
Number of Participants / Visitors / Audience: 
1500 visitors

The big event for the public of the year in La Ciutadella took place from July 30 to August 10. The Festival aims to be an event to disseminate the Iberian culture to all audiences from children to adults.

In our program, visitors could find a wide range of activities: an exhibition celebrating the 30 first years of excavations at the site with original objects, dramatised tours, workshops for children (handmade pottery, textile skills, construction,…) and adults (preparation of food, with the support of a local chef), living history acts and a re-enactment show with OpenArch associated partner Ibercalafell, a local re-enactment group, and the Roman soldiers Evocati Apri Scipioni.

Also this was the first edition where the museum has been opened at night.

The program also had the collaboration of many local restaurants for the “Cossetans a Taula” project in which restaurants offer to the customers Iberian dishes during the festival dates.

Among the new proposals there was the “Casal d’Estiu” a kind of Summer Camp for Kids, a very popular way in Catalonia for kids to make activities in group when the school season is over. We focused it on archaeology and it was a very nice experience both for us and for families.

The main act was the re-enactment show on August 9 and 10 in which visitors could experience how the village was brought to life with the staff and around 30 volunteers contributed to make it possible after the living history tour, the closing act was the re-eneactment show focused on the discovery of the site after 2000 years of oblivion and abandon.

The 2013 edition was also open for OpenArch partners to participate as staff exchanges in the WP3 Dialogue with the visitor workpackage.

The Festival increased the number of vistors in 30% with respect to 2012.