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Volunteers and building maintenance: a case study from Foteviken

Friday, 29 June, 2012
Steve Burrow
Bjorn Jakobsen
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Volunteer help is an important part of the management ethos at Foteviken Museum - they assist in the populating and presentation of the museum, but also in the construction and maintenance of buildings.

In June 2012, staff from St Fagans visited Foteviken to explore how this subject worked in practice. During the visit Bjorn Jakobsen explained the electronic systems for logging re-enactment groups on to the site, the sense of ownership that some volunteers feel of the structures they have helped build, and of how volunteers are trained to assume greater responsibility on site.

These last points are important for St Fagans where volunteers are playing an increasing role in generating and maintaining structures. The experience was subsequently disseminated to other staff at St Fagans and helped to inform our own approach.