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VIII OpenArch Steering Committee meeting (Viminacium, RS)

Thursday, 2 October, 2014
Manel Gómez
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The Green Room inside the marvelous Bibliotheca of Viminacium was a nice venue to hold the last Steering Committee meeting in person with OpenArch partners of 2014. Surrounded by this Roman scene, the meeting made a short review on the achievements since our last meeting in Finland and tackled relevant matters for the project as the revision of the updated working plans which had been discussed previously with the Operational Managers at the face-to-face meetings with each partner.

Another relevant issue was the agreement of the WP6 report workplan which aims to be a useful tool produced by the OpenArch partnership for AOAMs to improve the dialogue with museums and museums organisations.

Lastly, the delegate from St Fagans made a presentation of the next (and last) OpenArch conference that will take place in Wales in May 2015.