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Terra Ibèrica (Iberian Land) 2014

Friday, 18 July, 2014 to Saturday, 26 July, 2014
Anna Triadó
Josep Pou
Manel Gómez
Ibercalafell (associate partner)
Friends of Calafell Heritage Association
Number of Participants / Visitors / Audience: 

Over 1000 people visited the Iberian Citadel of Calafell during the celebration of this AOAM main event of the year, the "Terra Ibèrica" Festival, an event which aims since 2011 in a festival format to spread the knowledge about the Iron Age ethnic group of the area, the Iberians. This year's core theme was the use of fire in the ancient world.

In this year's festival the organisation, with even more support from local organisations, moved the dates to late July, after 3 years scheduling the dates in August.

The opening of the festival had OpenArch project as relevant factor because the kick off act was the presentation, by the Mayor and the Culture Councilor, of the ironworking experiment that was carried out in April 2014 at the Citadel and presented in two international conferences (International Experimental Archaeology Conference, Burgos, Spain, May 2014 and the VII OpenArch Conference, Kierikkikeskus, Finland, June 2014) but not yet in Calafell. We took advantage of the festival to present the results and also for the first time, the short film for dissemination purposes.

In this Terra Ibèrica, the organisation considered that being Calafell a touristic area, some of the main acts of the festival were also in English language and this year we increased the number of visitors outside Spain as a result.

In the programme of activities, visitors could find a wide range of activities including the classic dramatized guided tour or the children workshops, where children learnt to make some ceramics, bread or learnig how to build a furnace.

One of the most successful activities was the special night tour with wine and food tasting inspired in the documented food. Related to the food issue, many restaurants of Calafell collaborated to disseminate the festival offering to their costumers also some Iberian inspired food in their menus during the festival dates.

The main act of the festival were the Fire Nights (25 & 26 July) where the Citadel at night came to life with many volunteers around the village and visitors learning about some skills demonstrations like bronze casting, iron making, ceramic cooking, bread baking, cordage, glass paste...and finally, the closing act, a re-enactment activity by Ibercalafell and the Roman Evocati group showcase scenes of a funeral pyre and the recreation of a battle scene.

On the 26th, we were visited by the working group Iberian village of El Cabo (Andorra, Teruel, Spain), EXARC members.

A total of 5000 flyers and 4000 activity programmes were distributed in the area with special support from the Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia.


Festival Kick Off
Ironworking experiment public presentation
Audiovisual première, "Iberians: The Secret...
Dramatised Guided Tour
The Neitin tale for children under 6 years...
Photo Credit by Gabriel Mestre
Photo credit by Gabriel Mestre
Photo credit by Gabriel Mestre
Photo credit by Gabriel Mestre
Photo credit by Gabriel Mestre
Promotional Flyer front
Promotional flyer reverse
Visit of EXARC memebers from El Cabo Iberian...

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