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St Fagans craft festival

Wednesday, 27 May, 2015
Steve Burrow
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On 27 May 2015, St Fagans National History Museum hosted a festival as part of the WP4 work package (dialogue with skills).

The festival was a celebration of one of St Fagans core values – craft. Throughout one amazing day, we welcomed around 50 craftspeople. Many came from Wales but others travelled from England, Catalonia, Germany, Italy and Sweden to be part of the event.

Attending craftspeople included demonstrators of silkwork, lovespoon carving, lathe work, leatherwork, tanning, pottery firing, lave net fishing, coracling, cooking, gate making, collar and harness work, wheel tyring, wattle and daub, adzing, milling, weaving, clogmaking, painting with pigment, lime slaking, basketmaking, carpentry, slate splitting, potting, glass bead making, copper smelting, bronze casting, ropemaking, blacksmithing, prehistoric hunting, flint knapping, halter making, lipwork, beekeeping and storytelling. Phew!

The event was an opportunity for thousands of visitors to St Fagans to see crafts, but also a great chance for the demonstrators to network with each other, sharing techniques and experiences. To help this along we held an evening event with a meal and a band.