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Social Media Day in Oelde

Wednesday, 22 October, 2014
Organised by: 
Dr Roeland Paardekooper (OpenArch Community Manager)
Number of Participants / Visitors / Audience: 

The Culture Desk in Münsterland, Germany has a series of trainings and workshops for those working in culture. Themes are among others: how to make a financial plan, how to organise an event, PR, Graphics and of course "Web 2.0 & Social Media".

On 22 October, the OpenArch Community Manager took part in the full day workshops session "liking, posting and much more: social media in the cultural sector".
There were about 45 participants who gathered at Kulturgut Hasu Nottbeck in Oelde. What should one know if one wants to include photos or videos from an event to the own website or social media? What is the legislative background? How can I be successful online? Newbies on social media have very different questions than those who are already longer active. And what about volunteers versus paid people?

The introduction was given by Kai Heddergott, with many very to the point remarks.

The workshop "Web 2.0 in Cultural Administration" raised more questions about the administration and their response to social media than about social media itself. It was a very well structured discussion with Frank Michna (Social Media OWL).

In the afternoon we selected the module "social media for the experienced", with Thorsten Ising (Social Media OWL).

Most of the speakers had more experience with companies and less with museums, theaters and other cultural actors. This however did not hinder much: they shared from their experience with social media and their own expertise within that field. Michna for example has a 30 year background in PR & Communication, Löwe is a lawyer with specialisation in protection of (personal) data.

Many known social media aspects were discussed, but as Heddergott says: "everything is changing all the time", and therefore it was good to learn about the latest trends, see what to give up and what leads to follow.