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Sleepovers in buildings: visit to the Ancient Technology Cente

Monday, 2 February, 2015
Steve Burrow
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The provision of a sleepover facility at St Fagans is an important part of the organisation's plans, and also of the WP2 programme.

In order to learn more about the way in which school sleepovers are managed at other organisations, St Fagans arranged a study trip to the Ancient Technology Centre - an organisation which has been running successful school sleepovers for several years.

Much was learnt during the visit about:

- storage issues for modern baggage during the stay
- the resilience of children to medieval living conditions.
- the practicalities of managing health and safety.

These lessons will inform work at St Fagans, but the opportunity was also taken to disseminate the information to the other project partners by inviting Luke to speak at the St Fagans conference.