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Sleepover facilities: Viminacium

Tuesday, 30 September, 2014
Steve Burrow
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The conference arranged by the Viminacium partners relied heavily on their own purpose built accommodation, dining and lecture facilities. This provided a perfect opportunity for St Fagans to examine the way in which this system operated as part of the delivery of work package 2.

The Viminacium solution involved the creation of a modern complex in imitation of a Roman villa. Accommodation was in shared rooms with en-suite and were presented as modern bunkrooms opening on to Roman courtyards. Food was cooked on site and eaten in a communal dining room which showed Roman influences. All this provided the impression of being in a Roman environment, while still allowing guests to enjoy modern facilities.

This solution was ideal as a means of offering a learning space but did not provide a fully-immersive sleepover solution as is currently being explored in northern Europe through the work of many archaeological open-air museums. This is not in itself a criticism, rather it illustrates that different organisations have different needs for their sleepover facilities - there is no one-size fits all.