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Skyping your ancestors

Tuesday, 27 January, 2015 to Saturday, 31 January, 2015
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Marc van Hasselt
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As part of ongoing initiatives to increase the participation of visitors during, but also before and after their visits, Archeon introduced the concept of "Skyping your ancestors". Skype is a tool to communicate across great distances, but can also be used in this way to communicate across time. As a try-out, it was introduced during a large educational exposition in the Netherlands, the 'NOT beurs', 27-31 january 2015. It proved a great success, with some 300 visitors filling out a form indicating they would be interested in using this as an educational tool. Since the exposition, a number of such calls have taken place.

The concept itself is fairly simple: many school use new and digital media in their classes already. The digital blackboard is almost indispensible in many classrooms. The interpreter can therefor use many of the same examples that he would use if a school class would visit the site. However, since the experience is limited and cannot include touch and smell, for instance, it should be combined with materials or ideally a visit to the site.

It is even feasible to have an international Skype call, where schoolchildren or education professionals can interact with interpreter from all over Europe.