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Seminar on Heritage Management and the visitor experience

Tuesday, 7 October, 2014
Organised by: 
Marc van Hasselt
Joerie van Sister
Number of Participants / Visitors / Audience: 

After several successful cooperations with Leiden University, including a seminar on heritage management and visitor experience in March, another seminar was organized on october 7th, 2014. This seminar again featured a new class of students who were asked to submit a proposal to increase the visitor experience in Archeon - this time on the subject of a reconstruction of a Roman ship. The students were asked to write a complete project proposal for the presentation of the reconstruction, which were partly discussed during the seminar on october 7th. Some of the suggestions were then implemented in the preservation and presentation of the reconstruction, which featured informative signage and resulted in a crowdfunding campaign.

The seminar was a great success and brought the students to a deeper understanding of the local site in a broad, international context (through the connection by ways of the Limes), through presentations on both Archeon as an AOAM and EXARC member, as well as OpenArch.