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Preparing the Interim Report 2012: Financial Meeting in Barcelona

Wednesday, 4 July, 2012
Clara Masriera
Albert Sorrosal
Sonia Domínguez
Number of Participants / Visitors / Audience: 

The Financial Managers of the project called partners for a meeting in the Mediterranean city with the aim to clarify some issues relating to finances with a view to the submitting of the Interim report in August.

The first part of the session was focused in partners’ suggestions on how to improve our monitoring and accounting software, including some proposals to make it more “user friendly”.

The Financial Managers reminded some of the pending issues on finances and made a presentation highlighting all those points which needed a special attention such as clarification of the indirect costs or how to enter invoices in the correct way. In the afternoon there was a work session per groups in order to solve some specific doubts from partners.

As a conclusion, the participants agreed this kind of meetings are very helpful to solve financial matters.