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Plants as material culture:part of 'the missing majority' in prehistory

Sunday, 15 November, 2015 to Wednesday, 18 November, 2015
Dr Linda Hurcombe
Number of Participants / Visitors / Audience: 
8 participants in the discussions and c 50 audience for the presentation

Linda Hurcombe presented Plants as material culture:part of 'the missing majority' in prehistory in Institiute of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology, Christian Albrechts University, Kiel, as part of the department’s research colloquium series. The paper presented touched on many different aspects of perishable plant-based material processes and plant management strategies and the difficulty of recognising these in the archaeological record and drew in aspects of the Mesolithic living project and Openarch activities alongside other research. The invitation to present the paper was the result of meeting Prof Weibke Kirleis at AÖZA during the ‘mesolithic living’ project. Prof Kirleis was conducting experiments in growing and processing cereals and we discussed the problems of agricultural experiments and talked more widely on the possibilities of future collaborations. During the visit to Kiel we were able to discuss plant management strategies further and also meet with other researchers including Dr Marta Dal Corso, and Stephanie Kloss. The work of these researchers and the Institute has interesting points in common. The research on Mesolithic coppicing was of great relevance and this hosted visit was a very welcome opportunity to exchange ideas and see people and facilities.
Whilst in Kiel Linda Hurcombe also met with Simone and Ullie to reflect on the Mesolithic Living project experiences.