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Plan for rebuilding turf-roofed house

Monday, 1 December, 2014 to Wednesday, 31 December, 2014
Leena Lehtinen
Number of Participants / Visitors / Audience: 
1 peron in planning work

The turf-roofed Neolitihc house in Kierikki Stone Age village was rebuilt 2003 and it's now in a poor condition. That is why it has to be rebuilt in summer 2015. Rebuildin is starting in the West part (see the gate) where th roof and groundings are in worst condition. Because of the rebuilding Kierikki staff made an excurstion to Saarijärvi Stone Age village in Sept 2014 (see report in Dialogue with Skills -part).
Then after this excursion Kierikki asked a plan for rebuilding the house from Phil.lic. Eero Muurimäki who also had an lecture in Kierikki conference.
Mr. Muurimäki made plan as a consult in Dec 2014 and rebuilding started in early summer 2015. In the plan Mr Muurimäki
explained the backgrounds Neolithic housing and the most important discoveries in the northern Fennoscandinavia. He also told the experiences of Saarijärvi Stone Age village about the constructions - what type of building has worked and what failed.

This baground work that was made by Eero Muurimäki has been very valuable when the building started in Stone Age village May 2015. Antti Palmroos has been in charge for that work and continued that work by making plans and supervising wood felling and debarking. Now we're building up a 8-sided wooden house model of which has been taken from Sami huts in N.Lapland. It seems that only this planning work in Dec 2014 will be paid by OpenArch and rest of the work by Kierikki (city of Oulu) money.


Turf house from North. The part which is...
The groundings were ready in June 2015 and...