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Partner meeting, York January 2012

Thursday, 5 January, 2012 to Sunday, 8 January, 2012
Miska Sliden
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Very soon after the first official contacts between the University of Exeter and OpenArch, we used the opportunity of Kierikki to be in the UK to let the two “experimental archaeology” partners meet in person. This happened in the shoulder of a conference on experimental archaeology in York, where Kierikki presented OpenArch and our ideas for experimental archaeology. A member of the MT overlooked the meeting between the two partners.
Kierikki explained Exeter how the plans had taken shape: by collecting the wishes from all the partners and see how we can structure these in order to improve those. If for example three partners want to work with textiles, they can either each of them reinvent the wheel, or do it together. The wish list on experimental archaeology was very long and it would be impossible to cover all those from within OpenArch’s budget and time.
It was decided that Exeter would help structuring the work plan and they would take over making a text booklet with the basics of experimental archaeology. Also, instead of one large conference at Exeter, the plan was raised to have several smaller workshops with one to four partners getting an express introduction into experimental archaeology.
PS: shortly after this meeting, the contact person at Kierikki left the museum. Also, the Exeter contact person was forced to go on sick leave over the summer, both instances together leading to a slowing down in developing the plans.