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Partner meeting, Copenhagen June 2011

Tuesday, 7 June, 2011
Organised by: 
Jack Veldman
Number of Participants / Visitors / Audience: 

Following the development of the Work Package “dialogue with visitors” it was decided that it was easier to meet in person. The most convenient place was Copenhagen, near the airport, with one partner travelling from Kalmar, Sweden, the other from Alphen, the Netherlands. They were accompanied by a member of the MT. The original plans, which were mainly developed by Archeon over the previous four months were compared with Kalmar’s approach and finally at the end of the day, conclusions were as follows.
This work package is about enhancing the visitor experience by adding competence in respective organisation. This work package will also add the possibility for each site to measure their quality in the visitors point of view to enhance the overall quality of respective site. We will produce three combined seminars/workshops with leading professionals in our field as lecturer and leading lecturers from universities.
The three seminars as foreseen by this time:
• Seminar 1, setting the stage
• Seminar 2, implementation
• Seminar 3, conclusion and path forward
Themes were planned to be:
• Get the story right!
• The visitor experience
• Didactics
Partners will analyse themselves according to a method we will provide, we will also measure the visitors experience and in the end publish a booklet with tops and tips for colleagues and the industry.
PS: In a later stage the same year, Kalmar left OpenArch and subsequently the work package was redefined.