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Partner meeting, Calafell, March 2012

Tuesday, 8 March, 2011
Miska Sliden
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Taking advantage that both partners in this work package were in Catalonia, Kierikki & Biskupin met together with a representative of the MT to discuss how to handle experimental archaeology in OpenArch. Idea is to set up some cooperation between several museums within the same experimental themes so the learn from each other and can contribute to make the visitor experience at archaeological open air museums even better. Emphasis was on popular scientific events’ and on training museum staff. The idea was to focus on five directions:
• Everyday life (including life experiments)
• Clothing (including skin working)
• Tools making
• Architecture
• Pottery
An experimental archaeology website is planned with basic material aiding those working with the subjects. Also, a text booklet with a clear introduction into experimental archaeology will be compiled.
PS: In a later stage the same year, Biskupin left OpenArch and subsequently the work package was redefined.