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Open-air museums in Sweden meeting at Bunges Museum

Wednesday, 3 September, 2014 to Friday, 5 September, 2014
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Björn M Jakobsen
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Open-air museums in Sweden meeting

FREE-meeting had the theme of the organization and held in cooperation between Bunge Museum and the Gotland Museum. we met up in the ancient hall of Visby and was given the opportunity to both
watch their show and listen to their managertold of Gotland museum and how they are organized.

Maj-Gun Blomberg and Anders Lundqvist from Bunge Museum together with Lars Sjösvärd and Jenny West Field from Gotland museum greeted us warmly welcome to Gotland Museum Visby. Henrik Zipsane thanked, in his capacity as chairman of the network, for letting us come. We got this opportunity to look more closely at how open-air museums in Sweden was working, now that we are a part of Swedish open-air museums. We also talked further with Catherine Frost Vice chare of AEOM to participate in the meeting in Cardiff on WP6