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Museums and their local area

Monday, 26 October, 2015
Organised by: 
Dr. Roeland Paardekooper, EXARC Director
Number of Participants / Visitors / Audience: 
10 / 1000

It has always been important to see the local region in the museum and the museum in the local region. With that we mean: museums refer to nearby hotels, shops and restaurants so their visitors will find their way and the other way around: one will find leaflets of local museums in nearby hotels and petrol stations, tourist offices et cetera. This is one of the important pieces of advice EXARC gives in its guide on PR & Communication Strategies for archaeological open-air museums. Social media too help with reaching local population: with twitter for example one reaches people in real time when they are skimming for what is happening in the local area.

EXARC advises its members on developing a strategy where it is vital to remain in good contact with the relevant stakeholders. Common ground is the region and anybody active in tourism or improving the local infrastructure is an important contact deserving personal attention. Service clubs like the Rotary Club or the Lions Club can be brought to extreme good use, like for example at EXARC Member AFM Oerlinghausen in Germany where text signs in the museum were funded by a.o. the Lions Club.