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Meeting with the ICMAH Chair

Monday, 24 September, 2012
Organised by: 
Roeland Paardekooper
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ICOM consists of International Committees. ICMAH is one of the oldest and is about Archaeology and History Museums. Their Chair is Jari Harju from Helsinki and we found him willing to come and join at the OpenArch meeting in Sweden in September 2012. While the conference was about museum theatre, the EXARC Board and the OpenArch Lead Partner Clara Masriera took the chance to get acquainted with ICMAH.
The idea behind EXARC is that archaeological open-air museums should cooperate, get a better position in museum world, and better visibility. We meet with several International Committees of ICOM to find out where we have a base for cooperation. ICMAH would like to develop their ‘archaeological branch’ as for this moment they are more focused on history museums. We discussed that the social history world is more advanced than archaeology world, where archaeology is withdrawing into the academic world.
The most important activity of International Committees are their annual conferences. Not only can we discuss ICMAH in the EXARC Journal and vice versa, but possibly we could cooperate in organising a joint session at one of the ICMAH annual conferences. We noticed very well at the meeting in Sweden, which included about 5 organisations and their members: it is good that different organisations join in the same meeting: meeting new people, not just the same ones.
We hope to meet again!