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The Management Team meets in Brussels to discuss work packages

Thursday, 30 June, 2011 to Saturday, 2 July, 2011
Manel Gómez
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From the 30th June to the 2nd July the Management Team of OpenArch met in person in Brussels with the aim to check the evolution of the workpackages so far and discuss strategies and tasks to do before the summer Season comes to our museums with the Borger meeting (October) on the horizon.

On the 30th, Roeland Paardekooper as Operational Manager and Manel Gómez as Lead Partner had the first meeting which took place at the Delegation of Catalan Government to the EU to which we are grateful for their hospitality and support and it was mainly focused on checking in what stage the work plans were and how to bring most of them to one level. This meeting was also very useful to prepare a list of milestones.

The next day we had the proper MT meeting at the same place. Both consultants were informed about the progress of the work plans submitted by partners and the discussions and conclusions we had on the previous session. Other important points that were put on the table were how to solve the search of the 11th partner and the website procedures. The last section of the meeting was focused on the planning for the summer and the preparation of teleconferences with WP coordinators in September before meeting in person in Borger.

On the 2nd, we had a short briefing session in the morning.