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Making a Stone Age short film "Sunstone"

Wednesday, 2 January, 2013 to Friday, 15 November, 2013
Patrik Franzen
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The film was designed and implemented Kierikki Stone Age Centre staff, in conjunction with the film company. The film was funded through the project. The film tells a one-year course of the Stone Age. Ploy is a child's growth story and also the Stone Age village of survival in difficult conditions. The film is actually directed at children and adolescents, but it works well for adults as well.
The film is now complete and has been translated into English. The English translation is sent to a Project members, and they can choose to use the film in their own museums. If desired, other language versions, it will make at the price of 500 euros for each extra language. The film will also be distributed among members of the EXARC. The objective is to maximize the joint benefit of the work done.
To order: Kierikki Stone Age Centre,, Phone: +358855858265

Premiere of the film was done at city of Oulu 15.11.2013. Some of the pictures is included.


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