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Making log boat in Kierikki

Thursday, 25 July, 2013 to Monday, 29 July, 2013
Leena Lehtinen
Number of Participants / Visitors / Audience: 
700 participants

During their staff exchange visit 5 members from Exeter university supervised by Dr Linda Hurcombe and shipmakers Brian Cumby and Tom Monrd Hansen did in four days a log boat from beginning to testing in water. In those days they made an experiment testing dry log to a fresh one and fresh one was working. See prof. B.Bradleys report about staff exhange.

The experience was made partly during the Kierikki Stone Age markets 27.-28. July 2013. Before that on Fri 26 July in Kierikki was a "Day of the Scince" where Hurcombe, Bradley and Kamper where having a lectures.

Kierikki Stone Age markets have been in Kierikki Stone Age village for 10 years in the last weekend of July. The actions, wrestling, battle show, eating stone age food like grasshoppers, making ceramics etc. , has been done by Kuttelo group. So the log boat making was this summer part of the Stone Age markets and one of the presentations given to the public and the amount of visitors in two days was c. 700 and all of thme saw the boat making. Here we have also some photos from Kierikki Stone Age markets.



Prof. Bradley is having a lecture on the "...
Battle fight show is starting in Stone Age...
Wrestling show where also audience can take...
Fire maing
Food making
Stoen painting
Battle show
Rainer Grohmann from Albertsdorf (3rd left)...
Camp of the Kuttelo group in the Stone Age...
Wrestling during the markets