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Kierikki OpenArch conference in June 2014

Wednesday, 11 June, 2014 to Saturday, 14 June, 2014
Leena Lehtinen
Hannele Kinnunen
Linda Hurcombe
Number of Participants / Visitors / Audience: 
30 participants/audience 26, total 56

The VII Conference of OpenArch was taken Place in Northern Finland. The conference introduced to the archaeology of the Northern Finland and then focus on the value of the experimental approach to studying and presenting the past.

The sessions were focusing on the dialogue with science and its links to ancient structures, skills, technologies and study techniques.

On the first day we were prententing By lectures to the Ancient monuments and some interesting research relating specifically to Northern Finland. The second day was featuring presentations and experiments at Stone Age village.

On the last day there was be further presentations and we visited Oulu Museum and Science Centre Luuppi, including exhibition about "Age of the Dinosaur". Last night was spent at westernmost cape of island Hailuoto, on the coast of Oulu.


Wednesday June 11th - Arrival Day

Whole DayArrival Day to Oulu > Yli-Ii
If somebody is coming very early  there will be opportunity for a city sightseeing in Oulu before coming to Kierikki. (preconference tour is available at price 15 €)
19:00-21:00Welcome reception and dinner hosted by City of Oulu at Kierikki main building. At first  we will show you the new Kierikki film “Sun Stone” (16 minutes, OpenArch activity)  which welcomes you to our conference (in auditorium).

Thursday June 12th -  Day 1
Place: Kierikki auditorium. Restaurant is just besides the auditorium
Parallel activities: OpenArch meetings whole day in the Amber Cabinet. Face-to-face meetings in Sauna Cabinet whole day.

7:30-9:00Breakfast at Kierikki restaurant
9:00-13:00MORNING SESSION: Ancient Structures and some interesting research relating specifically to Northern Finland. Open to all public.
9:00-9:10Welcome words: museum director Jonna-Marleena Härö and Leena Lehtinen, Museum- and Science Centre Luuppi
9:10-9:40Dr Tiina Äikäs, University of Oulu: “Sieidi” stones, rock paintings and soundscapes.  Experiments in listening sacred places. See PPT at SlideShare
9:50-10:20Phil.lic. Eero Muurimäki, Saarijärvi Stone Age village: General overview of Neolithic house pits and remains in Finland
10:30-11:00MA Patrik Franzén, Museum- and Science Centre Luuppi. International contacts in the Finnish Neolithic
11:00-11:20coffee break 
11:20-11:50Phil.lic. Eero Muurimäki, Saarijärvi Stone Age village: Experiences about prehistoric building constructions in Finland See PPT at SlideShare
12:00-12:30Dr Elisabeth Holmqvist-Saukkonen, University of Helsinki:  Archeological ceramics, their composition, manufacturing techniques and networks: Finnish Corded Ware pottery (Neolithic)
12:30-13:00Prof. Alan Outram, University of Exeter:  Residue analyses in pots and experimental evidence (Dr Linda Hurcombe is reading his presentation)
13:00-14:00Lunch at Kierikki Restaurant
14:00-17:30AFTERNOON SESSION:  The dialogue with ancient structures, skills, technologies and study techniques. Open to all public.
14:00-14:30Dr Steve Burrow, St.Fagans.  Reconstructing buildings at St Fagans
14:40-15:00Inga Nieminen, University of Turku. Experiences about thatched roofs in house reconstructions See PPT at SlideShare
15:10-15:30Bjorn Buttler Jacobsen, Foteviken. Doing justice to the past by presenting the right ambience and standard of living. 
15:40-16:00Jannie Marie Christiansen, University of Exeter. Air quality within reconstructed houses as an issue for staff, visitors and others. See PPT at SlideShare
16:10-16:30Coffee break
16:30-16:50Dr Linda Hurcombe, University of Exeter:  Tool types, fire, woodworking and woodland management; parameters of ancient techniques and prospects for further research See PPT at SlideShare
17:00-17:20Prof. Bruce Bradley, University of Exeter: ‘Rolling Rocks’,  testing a method for moving large stones
17:30-18:30Guided tour to Stone Age village or free time.
Bus to Koitelinkoski leaves 18:30
19:00-22:00Evening program at Koitelinkoski rapids and Traditional Finnish dinnerat Huttukylä village house near the rapids. (c. 30 minutes bus drive from Kierikki to Kiiminki).
A possibility for white-water boating in Koiteli rapids (to be confirmed, depends on weather). Voluntarily but worth of trying ;-)
See: and
more pictures (only in Finnish)

Friday June 13th -  Day 2
Place: Kierikki auditorium. Restaurant is just besides the auditorium.
Note: You can also use Stone Age Village for your presentation (400 m away)
Parallel activities:  9:00-12:00 Face-to-face meetings in Sauna cabinet.

7:30-9:00Breakfast at Kierikki restaurant
9:00-13:00MORNING SESSION: Some experiments and the present serving the past: the dialogue with modern skills and new technologies for enhancing the visitor experience.
9:00-9:20José Miguel Gallego, Artífex / CI Calafell: From evidences to facts. The Iberian siderurgy chain under an experimental perspective in the Iberian Citadel of Calafell. See PPT at SlideShare
9:30-9:50Joni-Pekka Karjalainen, Kierikki Stone Age Centre and University of Oulu: Iron making by ancient Finnish way (in the afternoon and Saturday presentation) See PPT at SlideShare
10:00-10:20Mr. Werner Pfeifer (AOZA), Experiments on possible Stone Age glue types Making and Testing of several possible glue types which might have been used in the hunter and gatherer period of the European Stone Age (without the aid of ceramics). (also a demonstration on Saturday) See PPT at SlideShare
10:30-11:00Wolfgang Lobisser, Vienna Institute of Archaeological Science: Building up a fortification structure of the  Terramare culture in Montale using remakes of middle bronze age tools.  (also a demonstration on Saturday). See PPT at SlideShare
11:10-11:30coffee break and Dr Linda Hurcombe, University of Exeter: Touching the past (plus exhibition)
11:30-11:50Hein Klompmakers and Nadine Lemmers, Hunebedcentrum:  Integrating/Creating a back story narrative
12:00-12:20Dr Milica Tapavicki-Ilic, Viminicium: Presentation of cremation experiment. See PPT at SlideShare
12:30-12:40Dr Rüdiger Kelm: AÖZA:  A short presentation of “slash-and-burn” – experiment See PPT at SlideShare
12:45-13:00Event Manager Marc van Hasselt,  Archeon:  Presentation on works and experiments in Archeon. See PPT at SlideShare
13:00-14:00Lunch at Kierikki Restaurant
14:00-18:00EU opportunities and partner reports
for OpenArch Partners ONLY (there can be short breaks, coffee available during the meeting)
Parallel activities Presentations
in the Stone Age Village.
Detailed program is coming later.
Open to the public.
14:00-15:00Session on EU project opportunities for the period 2014-2020.  Lecture by Albert Sorrosal Financial Manager, OpenArch and Roeland Paardekooper, EXARC Director
15:00-16:30Partners WP Progress (10 minutes per presentation)
Announcements: Dr Milica Tapavicki-Ilic, Partner report from Viminacium and presentation of next conference. See PPT at SlideShare
16:30-17:00Coffee break
17:00-18:00Session on development of ideas for project, facilitated by Exeter.
Development workshops:  meeting of everyone interested in a topic with discussion and exchange of ideas, development of projects, etc. Exeter will facilitate these and last as long as people were interested.
19:00-22:00“Stone Age Dinner” and social in Stone Age village. Presentations by Kuttelo group and also partners if they are interested.  A fire show.  

Saturday June 14th -  Day 3
Place: Kierikki auditorium. Restaurant is just besides the auditorium.
Steering Committee in Amber Cabinet or in auditorium if more than 25 people present.

7:30-9:00Breakfast at Kierikki restaurant (all luggage must be taken already in the morning with you)
9:00-13:00MORNING SESSION: Presentations in Stone Age village.
Open to the public and press.
AÖZA: Demonstrations on some glue types (making some and doing tests on quality).
Exeter: woodworking methods and advice on boat building  (Brian Cumby); charcoal production techniques (Dave Budd)
Parco Montale: Demonstrations of wood carving with reconstructed tools. (W. Lobisser - VIAS)
Kierikki:  Demonstration of iron making. 
There are snacks and coffee in the Stone Age village if you are hungry waiting for lunch. 
Parallel  activities 8:30-14:30 
Steering Committee Meeting
(lunch break 12:00-13:00)
13:00-14:00Lunch at Kierikki Restaurant
circa 15:00Site visit to Oulu (all luggage on the bus)
16:30-18:30Age of the Dinosaur – exhibition at Oulu art museum (see website)
“Age of the Dinosaur is London´s Natural History Museum´s new dinosaur exhibition”
Both Kierikki and Art Museum are part of Museum and Science Centre Luuppi in Oulu
18:30-19:00Travel to Hailuoto Island The ferry harbor is c. 28 kilometres from Oulu and ferry takes c. 30 minutes. We will drive to west coast of the island. Travel Oulu-Hailuoto takes 1,5-2  hours. We catch the 19:20 o’clock ferry. We will be at the hotel at c. 20:30.Note: If somebody wants to take plane already on Saturday evening, Hailuoto road is very close to the airport and we can leave people there before going to the ferry. Also it is possible to overnight in Oulu instead of Hailuoto - see Registration Form 

Sunday June 15th -  Day 4, Departure Day

MorningBreakfast and travel to Oulu airport.
Possible stops on the way to see the beautiful and valuable  Hailuoto landscape.
Possibility to short post-conference tour or to do shopping in Oulu, at price 15 €.