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Innovation, creativity and collaboration with local business in la Ciutadella Ibèrica de Calafell

Monday, 16 November, 2015
Manel Gómez
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During the implementation of OpenArch there have been some development as per innovation and creativity aspects, especially related with the dialogue with the visitor. We like to highlight the collaboration of local actors who during the Terra Ibèrica festivals of 2012 and 2013 have created original live interpretation shows with a strong theatrical approach in collaboration with the staff of La Ciutadella Ibèrica and the local re-enactment group Ibercalafell.

We are also quite satisfied (and the public too) with the show cooking workshop performed by local chef David Vernet from El Vell Papiol restaurant in Calafell and member of Terra I Taula, a local association working for the quality of gastronomic culture in the region. This workshop took place in October 3 2015 in the kitchen classroom of the Centre Cívic Cinema Iris of Calafell during the Iberian Weekend event coordinated by the Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia, and revolved around a dialogue between Josep Pou, archaeologist at La Ciutadella and David about the Iberian and the Ancient Mediterranean food.

David performed some creative receipts (available in his website) inspired by food documented in the ancient times in the Mediterranean context as Josep explained the historical and archaeological background to the public. This workshop was quite successful and in the end the assistants could try David’s food. All in all, an educational and tasty experience!

In the innovative aspects, the visitors coming to our AOAM can use “Calafell open air museum”, an free download app available for Android and iOS systems which has been developed by the University of Barcelona research group DHiGeCS run by Dr. Joan Santacana, with collaboration from Digit and funded by the I+D project EDU 2011 28684 from the Ministery of Economy and Competitiveness of the Spanish Government.
This app works with geopositioning and is available in 4 languages. The app shows information of the site during the visit, showing information of the site and a virtual reconstruction using 3D technology that allows the visitors to have an idea of the site besides the tangible reconstruction.

The app was presented in public with the presence of local authorities by Dr Joan Santacana in 15 March 2015 and had a remarkable impact in local media.

Regarding the involvement with local business, we would like to highlight the Cossetans a Taula project which aims to promote the Terra Ibèrica festival in summer by contacting local restaurants in order to make proposals of dishes inspired in the food documented in Iberian times. This is a way to involve local business in the main activity at our AOAM during the year. We provide the historical/Archaeological assessment and they prepare a proposal to be included in the Cossetans a Taula booklet which is disseminated besides the festival programme. Many restuarants have been keen to collaborate from 2013 to now.


Food workshop
App presentation - media day
Cossetans a Taula 2015 brochures