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III OpenArch Steering Committee (Modena, Italy)

Thursday, 12 April, 2012
Clara Masriera
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The first Steering Committee in person of 2012 took place at Museo Civico Archeologico Etnologico, close to the city centre in Modena and it was also the first one with the participation of the two new members of the project, the University of Exeter, Department of Archaeology (EN) and the Arheološki Institut (National Archaeological Institute) (RS). Both institutions were officially welcomed before in the workpackage presentations in the morning sessions.

The Steering Committee as usual started with a short overview on the work done in the last six months. In this occasion, our main goal was to approve the global budget and the common costs previously suggested by the Financial Manager after several bilateral meetings with partners and we reached an agreement on this.

Most of the decisions revolved around financial issues such as ONCAT but other important matters were discussed and agreed such as the progress report of 2011, the staff exchanges online reporting and procedures for applications. Moreover, we took decisions for the next meeting at Fotevikens Museum and the agreement of dates for the first 2013 OpenArch conferences to be held at Archeon, in the Netherlands.