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The III OpenArch meeting in Modena (IT): sharing knowledge and experiences

Wednesday, 11 April, 2012 to Sunday, 15 April, 2012
Dott.ssa Ilaria Pulini (Director)
Number of Participants / Visitors / Audience: 

The III OpenArch meeting, organised by the Italian partner of Modena (Museo Civico Archeologico Etnologico di Modena which includes the Parco Archeologico e Museo all’aperto della Terramara di Montale and reconstructed Bronze Age site in the neighbourhood of the town) was a success with almost 100 participants and a great moment of encounter, dialogue, discussion and group sharing between partners coming from Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Serbia and Finland (OpenArch and EXARC partners and international experts).

The meeting dealt with the implementation of the project activities with a specific focus on the Dialogue with Skills, a topic coordinated by the Italian team in cooperation with the German partner Archäologisch-Ökologisches Zentrum Albersdorf.
In connection to the Meeting, the Workshop Smiths in Bronze Age Europe has been planned on Friday April 13th and Saturday April 14th with a pedagogical and hands on approach, with the aim to provide a reference guide for skill experts, craftsmen as well as managers dealing with Bronze Casting presentations in Archaeological Open-Air Museums.

After a welcome dinner on 11th evening, where partners had the possibility to meet again after months and to know new people attending the conference in Modena, the Meeting officially opened at the Palazzo dei Musei on Thursday 12th with the presentations by two new partners of the project: the Serbian Archaeological Institute of Belgrade and the Department of Archaeology of the University of Exeter (EN). The respective delegates, Milica Tapavički-Ilić and Linda Hurcombe, introduced their organisations and their contribution to the project. Then, partners got to the heart of the matter producing, one by one, an account of their activities in the frame of OpenArch. Partners showed PowerPoint presentations starting from Work Package (WP) 1 - Management Team (speaker: Clara Masriera, Director of the Spanish Ciutadella Ibèrica de Calafell, lead partner), following with WP 2 - Improvement of Museum Management dealt by Fotevikens Museum and St. Fagans National History Museum (speaker: Björn Jakobson, Director of the Swedish Fotevikens Museum), with WP 3 - Improvement of Museum Management dealt by Archeon and Archaeological Institute of Belgrade (speaker: Hannah Fraza, Marc van Hasselt from Netherlands Archeon). In the middle of the morning partners shared a very important moment: the Mayor of Modena and the Mayor of Calafell, lead partners in the project, met together with also the Culture Councilor from Calafell, in the presence of all participants, and exchanged presents as well as common goals. The second half of the morning went ahead with other three presentations: WP 4 - The Dialogue with Skills dealt by Modena and Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf (speaker: Rüdiger Kelm, Director of the German AÖZA), WP 5 - The Dialogue with Science dealt by Kierikki Stone Age Centre and University of Exeter/Archaeology Department (speaker: Miska Sliden, Linda Hurcombe of both Finland and English Institutes) and WP 6 - The Dialogue with Museum Organisations dealt by Ciutadella Ibèrica de Calafell and EXARC. The lunch was spent directly in the Museum halls, giving the possibility to the participants to look at archaeological collections with audio-guides in different languages. The afternoon opened with WP7 - Communication & Dissemination presentation including both presentation of the OpenArch website and presentation of the OpenArchaeology website dealt by Hunebedcentrum (NL) and EXARC (speaker: Magdalena Zielinska for Mohini Vision). After each speech, partners had the time for discussion.
After a short moment dedicated to the next meeting of the project, planned for the end of September 2012, the directors and financial managers of each museum partner participated to the Steering Committee meeting, probably the mainly operative tool for sharing financial questions. It is also important to underline how Management Team organised, during the whole stay, different one-to-one meetings with partners in order to discuss other pressing questions. A visit to the Ancient Modena City Centre World Heritage Site was set as alternative programme for people not involved in Steering Committee meeting.

Friday April 13th and Saturday April 14th were entirely dedicated to one of the goals of the WP 4 – Dialogue with skills, dealt by Modena Museum: to organise and develop a workshop dedicated to the metallurgy in the past: Smiths in Bronze Age Europe.
On Friday, also Mrs. Emma Nardi, representing the Committee for Education and Cultural Action (CECA), one of the oldest and largest International Committees of ICOM, participated to the works as auditor.

On Saturday, the Annual General Meeting of EXARC, with members belonging to OpenArch partner museums and other international institutes/associations/museums, took place.

Last day of the meeting was Sunday April 15th, when partners of OpenArch had the possibility, before leaving, to attend the presentation of the activities for general public and demonstrations of metalworking in the Bronze Age at the Terramara Park of Montale with a special programme for children: Casting chocolate.


Wednesday April 11th - Arrival Day

Morning / afternoonAccommodation at the hotel (Modena city centre)
20:00Welcome dinner nearby

Thursday April 12th - OpenArch Conference Day
Modena – Palazzo dei Musei

10:00(Sala ex-Oratorio)
Welcome to New partners, short presentation of their organisations
10:30Presentation of the activities for the 7 WP
10:30WP1 - Project Management
11:00WP2 - Improvement of Museum Management
11:30Coffee break
12:00WP3 - The Dialogue with the Visitors
12:30WP4 - The Dialogue with Skills
13:00Lunch at the Museum and possibility of a visit to Museum’s collections (English audio guides)
14:30WP5 - The Dialogue with Science
15:00WP6 - The Dialogue with Museum Organisations
15:30WP7 - Communication & Dissemination including:
•  Presentation of the OpenArch website
•  Presentation of the OpenArchaeology website
16:30Introduction to next OpenArch meeting in Foteviken (SE)
17:00Steering committee
Alternative program for people not involved in Steering committee: visit to the Ancient City Centre World Heritage Site
20:30Dinner in the city centre

Friday April 13th - First day of Workshop Smiths in Bronze Age Europe
Modena – Palazzo dei Musei

8:30Hotel Best Western Libertà, meeting point for the visit to the Archaeological reconstruction of an Ancient Roman Road recently discovered in the city centre of Modena. Presentation of the works for the new archaeological open air museum still under construction in the same area of the excavation. Following, visit to the exposition dedicated to the results of the dig at the Archaeological Museum of
10:30Coffee break
11:00(Sala ex-Oratorio)
Presentation of the workshop by Ilaria Pulini (director of the Museum) and Cristiano Iaia (archaeologist)
12:30Lunch (buffet in the Museum)
14:00 - 18:00(Archaeological Museum)
Workshop Activity:
•  Visit to the Terramare collection in the Museum
•  Participants (in groups of 6 people each) rotate at 6 workshop stations set up in the museum, interacting with experts about different steps of the production of bronze object (metals and extraction, quarries and raw material’s circulation, stone moulds, bronze and stone analysis, casting, working tools, grinding and polishing surfaces, finished objects).
 Coffee available during workshop
20:30Dinner in the city centre

Saturday April 14th - Second day of Workshop Smiths in Bronze Age Europe
Terramara Park of Montale (11 km from Modena)

8:30Bus leaving for the Terramara Park of Montale
9:00Visit of the archaeological site (excavation area)
9:30Workshop Activity: Participants experience aspects of bronze casting techniques, working with skill experts Markus and Markus Binggeli (Switzerland) and crafts people of the Terramara Park. Groups are also engaged in hands-on activities. In the meantime each group develops a grid for a short presentation taking into account information gathered during the 2 days of workshop.
 Coffee always available for participants
13:00Lunch in Montale
14:00Workshop Activity: follow up and conclusion of hands-on activities
15:45Bus to Agriturismo Aggazzotti for the last part of the workshop
16:00Coffee break
16:30Workshop Activity: presentation/evaluation by the 6 teams
17:30End of workshop. Non-EXARC Members return to Modena by bus. EXARC Members stay at Agriturismo Aggazzotti for EXARC AGM.
20:00Bus available from Modena back to Agriturismo Aggazzotti for dinner
20:30Farewell dinner to Agriturismo Aggazzotti Restaurant and back to the hotel by bus

Sunday April 15th - Departure Day

During DayPossible extension of the program at the Terramara Park of Montale with activities for visitors. Presentations of Bronze Casting and special program for children: “Casting Chocolate”.



Presentation by Dr Linda Hurcombe,...
Exchnage of formailities between the mayors...
Exchnage of formailities between the mayors...
Exchnage of formailities between the mayors...
1st Day of the workshops: in the museum
1st Day of the workshops: in the museum
1st Day of the workshops: in the museum
1st Day of the workshops: in the museum
1st Day of the workshops: in the museum
1st Day of the workshops: in the museum
1st Day of the workshops: in the museum
1st Day of the workshops: in the museum
1st Day of the workshops: in the museum
1st Day of the workshops: in the museum
1st Day of the workshops: in the museum
1st Day of the workshops: in the museum
1st Day of the workshops: in the museum
Group picture
Presentation by Dott.ssa Ilaria Pulini
The Viminacium (RS) team
Clara Masriera (CAT) presenting
Dr Steve Burrow (WLS) presenting