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ICOM Annual Meeting, June 2015

Tuesday, 2 June, 2015 to Friday, 5 June, 2015
Organised by: 
Drs. Luc Eekhout
Number of Participants / Visitors / Audience: 
1 / 200

Every year in June, ICOM Committee delegates meet in Paris. 2015, Drs. Luc Eekhout represented both EXARC and ICOM Netherlands. Following a reception in the Louvre Museum on 1 June with informal meetings with members of other international committees, the real program started on 2 June in the UNESCO Building in Paris. The so called Advisory Committee met. This includes all present members of the national and international committees, and of the Affiliated Organizations (like EXARC). On the agenda were the introduction of three workshops, the presentations of the nine Technical Committees and task groups, the choice of the theme of the International Museums Day 2017 (Museums and Hard History) and 2018 (Hyperconnected Museums - ICT), a presentation of the candidate cities for the General Conference 2019 (Cincinnati & Kyoto) and the voting of the advisory Board. Finally, there was a presentation of the progress of the General Conference 2016 which will take place in Milan.
Following the elections, the 2019 General Conference will be in Kyoto. One reason our EXARC deputy voted for Kyoto was that Asia is under-represented in ICOM and a General Conference shows appreciation of a region, is easily accessible for neighbouring countries and stimulates what ICOM stands for: professional co-operation between museum professionals and enhancing professional standards.
On 3 June, the General Assembly convened which included all voting members of the committees. Affiliated organizations could attend as observers. The ICOM President and Treasurer reported about 2014 and the final green light was given for Kyoto 2019.

In and around the official meetings Eekhout made contact with members of other committees and Affiliated Organisations. He also introduced himelf to the ICOM chairman prof. dr. Martin Hinz and the ICOM director prof. dr. Anne-Catherine Robert-Hauglustaine, as well as to the chairwoman of the Advisory Committee prof. dr. Suay Aksoy. With the chairwoman of the Disaster Relief Task Force (Corine Wegener) Eekhout talked about the destruction of archaeological sites in the Middle East. With the ICOM Membership Officer (Marina Laroui) he discussed the request that a substantial minimum of EXARC members should be ICOM members, in order to legitimize the status of Affiliated Organization.
With the chairwoman of the international committee ICMAH (international committee of museums of archaeology and history) Dr. Myriame Morel-Deledalle our representative discussed the mutual wish of organizing a joint-venture of ICMAH-EXARC and a museum. This subject will be discussed in the Boards of both ICMAH and EXARC.

The Board of the National Committee ICOM The Netherlands invited EXARC to join the international project Limes to make a presentation at the General Conference 2016 in Milan (Italy). This project involves the Roman northern border along the river Rhine. Many archaeologists, museums and archaeological open-air museums form a group to organize a national Dutch presentation, linked to the other Limes-countries like Germany, the UK, Austria, Hungary et cetera. As the Conference theme for Milan 2016 is “Museums and historical landscapes”, EXARC members can contribute a lot with their archaeological (re)constructions and experimental archaeology.


ICOM Japan presents the Kyoto 2019 Convention
Drs. Eekhout meeting with representatives
Drs. Eekhout was representing both EXARC and...
the role of museums (vision)
Drs. Eekhout was representing both EXARC and...