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Iberian Land Festival 2015: Annibal ad Portas

Friday, 24 July, 2015 to Saturday, 1 August, 2015
Josep Pou
Anna Triadó
Manel Gómez
Ibercalafell (associate partner)
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Terra Ibèrica (Iberian Land) is the biggest event of the year happening at La Ciutadella Ibèrica of Calafell and its main objective is to disseminate the world of the Iberians to a wide range of publics. The event coordinators, La Ciutadella and the local re-eenactment group Ibercalafell (associate partner) started the preparation meetings early in the year and one of the first decisions was to focus the edition in reenactment groups and being La Ciutadella Ibèrica an OpenArch partner, give a EU dimension to the activties program.

The theme for this year was the Second Punic War, one of the most important facts that happened in the Western Mediterranean History. It is the moment where Roman legions are already in the Iberian Peninsula after they disembarked at the Greek trading settlement of Emporion in 218 BC and Hannibal Barca was attempting to invade Rome from the North. The menace of Hannibal give birth to the expression "Annibal ad Portas!" in the streets of Rome, an expression that we have used as the festival motto.

So the effort was focused mainly on the reenactment show, inviting living history groups from across Spain so that the visitors could see La Ciutadella with Romans, Greeks, Carthaginians and, of course, Iberians.

The reenactment show took place two nights in a row and had an audience of 250 people despite the rain threat in the first night. This living history activity proved to be the most successful of the festival. The visitors could interact with reenactors and the storytelling was of big quality so the objective to explain this important fact of the European History to visitors was achieved.

Besides the living history activity, Iberian Land offered more kind of activities, the usual hands-on workshops for children, the family activities "Let's defense the Citadel!" or the "Iberian afternoons" and the craft demonstrations, motivated by our visits to European AOAMs thanks to OpenArch, had a good level of success and satisfied the audience. As in previous editions, tehre was a parallel program with the gastronomic project "Cossetans a Taula!" where local chefs of Calafell designed menus inspired in documented products of the Iberian times.

In this edition, we aimed to involve more the local community to the festival so we had the participation of more than 20 volunteers, mostly people form Calafell and students.

Last but not least, in this edition the communication issues to reach more audiences have been increased thanks to our partipation in OpenArch aiming to make the project contribution more visible.


Presentation by Dr. Jaume Noguera (...
Iberian afternoon construction workshops
Cordage workshops
Iberotarda minting activity
Bronze casting demosntration
Punic warriors from Athenea Promakhos...
Staff coordination meeting
Sling shot activity
Reenactment show
Bronze casting with public
Reenactment show
Visitors during Annibal ad Portas guided tour
Promoting Terra Ibèrica in Calafell town
Banner in the promenade
Interviews at local radios