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Iberian craft workshops days

Saturday, 20 June, 2015
Oriol Saura
Jasna Lesnjak
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In the 2015 Spring time activity program at Calafell's Historical heritage, we have offered to the public a wide range of activities, some of them related to the participation of La Ciutadella Ibèrica in the OpenArch project. for example, in occasion of the International Women's Day, we offered for free a repetition of the themed visit "Women in the Iberian world" which aimed to explain the role of women in Iberian society but also in context with contemporary European cultures as one of the objectives of OpenArch is to disseminate tangible and intangible past at European level.

However, also as a result of being part of this European project, we planned to include as well a series of craft workshops demonstrations happening while visitors come to La Ciutadella. In a way, it is inspired in what we have learnt in the staff exchanges travels we have done but adapting the workshop content to the historical context. This concept is more developed in AOAMs across Europe but not much in our site where we often focus most of our work in pedagocic aspects rather than in skills demonstrations.

The Iberian craft workshop days took place in three days showcasing three different skills: Iberian shields making (4 April), esparto cordage (18 April) and minting (20 June). The educators set a station in the archaeolical site where they were demonstrating these skills to the public and also telling the story of preocessing and historical context. Besides the educational part of it, it was also useful for training skills.

After this step, we will keep programming these skills activities for the public during our biggest event of the year: Terra Ibèrica 2015!

For the esparto and minting workshops, we had the visit of two well-known Spanish travel bloggers who could have a look at the demonstrations in a blogtrip organised by the Tourism Office.


Shield workshop
Esparto workshop - Photo by Gabriel Mestre
Esparto workshop - Photo by Gabriel Mestre
Esparto workshop - Photo by Gabriel Mestre
Esparto workshop - Photo by Gabriel Mestre
Coin making workshop
Coin making workshop
Esparto workshop - Photo by Gabriel Mestre
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