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Felling, de-barking and notching pine trees with stone, bone and antler tools

Friday, 18 May, 2012 to Monday, 21 May, 2012
Matias Toivanen
Mikke Reinikainen
Hanni Haapaniemi
Jasse Tiilikkala
Miika Vanhapiha
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Kierikki Stone Age Center was renovating and building new stone age style houses in summer 2012. This experiment was planned to get information how long would it take to get material for a timber framed stone age style house with stone age tools.

The experiment was designed and conducted by Kuttelo members Hanni Haapaniemi, Mikke Reinikainen, Jasse Tiilikkala, Matias Toivanen and Miika Vanhapiha. The tools used were made by Miika Vanhapiha. Pictures were taken by Jasse Tiilikkala and Hanni Haapaniemi.


Branching worksheet
Cutting 1 worksheet
cutting 2 worksheet
Cutting 3 worksheet
Depark 1 worksheet
Debark 2 worksheet
Felling 1 results
Notching 1 results
Notching 2 results
Times with different pines