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EXARC, affiliated organisation to ICOM

Saturday, 17 November, 2012
Organised by: 
Dr Roeland Paardekooper
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2010, EXARC was given probation status as Affiliated Organisation to ICOM. We now reported to the Executive Council what we done since to play an active role in the international museum community.
Over the past 3 years, EXARC has become more international, much larger and much more outward looking. We have also continued to develop the archaeological open-air museum concept and an approach on how to get these museums more professional. Contacts with museum specialists around the world have increased.

We approached about 250 museums in North America several times, our name is known now in the New World! We also contact the archaeological open-air museums in Europe once a year, leading to a flow of new memberships. 2010, we also attended a US conference where we established good contacts with REARC and the Society of Primitive Technology (SPT).
Thanks to OpenArch, we now have a community manager who makes contacts across the world with relevant museums where possible. OpenArch also helped us creating a website for the community around EXARC: We created a professional directory where museum professionals can offer or requests products or services,

EXARC changed its bylaws to include the ICOM status, code of ethics and more. We published in ICOM News, reaching 30,000 members as well as short notices in International Committee newsletters. We have good contacts with the Headquarters of ICOM in Paris which we visited several times. Both the Chair of CECA and the chair of ICMAH attended one of our meetings where we discussed possibilities of cooperation. We are also working with various National Committees, harvesting museum addresses from them and contacting these, preferably in their own language. This is a time consuming matter.