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Ethnography meets Archaeology

Monday, 25 May, 2015 to Thursday, 28 May, 2015
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Björn M. Buttler Jakobsen
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We were delighted that at our OpenArch conference “Managing archaeological open-air museums: current issues, future trends” we could welcome several delegates from the Board of Association of European Open Air Museums (AEOM). This is an important sister organization to EXARC, but AEOM focusses on ethnographic museums only, where EXARC is for archaeological open-air museums as well as several other subjects. From Sweden we had invited Ms. Frost, Vice President, from the UK we met Mr. Eveleigh, Board Member. It was extremely useful to have the possibility to present archaeological open-air museums as well as ethnographic ones as these two types have a lot in common, just think of interpretation, seasonality and maintenance. A strong delegation from the EXARC Board was present. All delegates agreed that this surely was not the last time we would meet and interact this way, each of the networks has their own specialties and history, but there is a good base for cooperation.

Picture: Ms Frost, Vice President of AEOM, (c) Sveriges Radio